2017 Testimonies

1. The Guild didn't just teach me things while I was there, it taught me how to learn things.   2. The love of the people, the masters, the staff, pointed me to the love of Christ in a beautiful and unique way that I had never seen before.   3. The Guild was an amazing week of intimate relationship building between me and my Savior. Everyone that attended was touched in one way or another I am sure. My life and relationship with Christ was touched and strengthened in a special way. It was a time I will remember my whole life. The deep openness and security there, was unbelievable.   Many lives were impacted on many levels. Mine especially.  

 I loved getting to see Lamplighter and the bindery; being there at the heart of the ministry was  very special. 

Attending The Scriptwriting class was an excellent opportunity that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Working with so many writers all on the same project was pretty cool; I learned so much about working with others, it was a little bit stressful at times, but it was also a lot of fun, it was a great learning experience, and good for reference in writing projects in the future.   "The purpose of story is to help us grasp an ideal." -Matthew Harding

-Larissa Nelson​

 I was reminded and exhorted to strive for excellence in every area of my life. This includes recognizing and eliminating time wasters and developing and implementing my God-given gifts for His glory and honor. This is worship!

I learned that embarrassment is actually prideful! This is liberating and a confidence booster! God has gifted each of us and it should be our pleasure and honor to use those creative gifts for His glory!

-Bonnie Bitetti

The Guild week showed me how much more I could be doing for the Lord and ignited me with a desire to do as much as I can with the time that is given to me by praising Him and utilizing the gifts and talents He's given me for His glory and the blessing of others.

-Debbie Bates

I grew immensely in my relationship with the Lord this year. The Guild seems to leave me with a rejuvenated spirit, and I'm so thankful for the time I spent there. I was really able to see the Lord working in my life and the lives of other at the Guild this year!

I was really moved by Pastor Colin Smith's teaching on the Song of Solomon and also Mr. Mark Hamby's session Thursday night. What they taught made me think, it was honest and it convicted me. Both of the sessions made me reevaluate myself and my relationship with the Lord.


I learned so much this week! I left creatively recharged and with a better understanding of what I was doing. The teaching was amazing!


-Faith Hand

I was challenged to spend more time in the Word.


-Nathanael Spanos

I was reminded of how God will work around and through us if we are working all for Him and are completely dependent on Him.

Thursday evening was a powerful time in which I could really feel the Spirit of God moving. I have never felt God's presence so strongly before. He convicted, forgave, blessed and encouraged me and I think many others. It was the closest I have ever felt, as a body of believers, like a family. That evening was such a blessing to me and I didn't want it to end.

I was amazed to see how powerful our art can be. How God can use our work to glorify himself if our focus is on Christ. I also became more aware of how careful we have to be when going into creative arts. We cannot be centered on ourselves.


-Hope Kennedy

I learned the lesson of service and humility while also learning more about wisdom and folly.


-Sarah Lampert

I had a lot of revelations in the week, it was incredible getting to work with and spend time with Christians who are like minded and so on fire for Christ. I think I grew a lot in my walk with God, and am encouraged and challenged by the week.

Lew Sterret's talks were incredible, when he talked about how God is a yes God, and not a no God. That when God says no to something, He's really saying yes to something better, was a revelation for me. I also really enjoyed Andrew Peterson's concert.

I learned a ton from Rob Jorgenson, and I am already applying the things he taught me. What I learned is going to be invaluable as I pursue my creative interests.

-Emily Peterson

I had a stronger desire to start seeking wisdom and to start living my life full of excellence for God. I also felt convicted to have a closer relationship with God and to start truly trying to comprehend what I am reading in the Bible instead of rushing through my devotions.

Mr. Powell was amazing! He paid attention to each student, and made each one of us feel loved and encouraged. He taught us that we cant let the disappointments keep us from being who God created us to be. Not everyone is going to think you are a superstar, but don't let the "no's" stop you from keeping on. He influenced me in ways I never could have dreamed, and taught me the importance of encouragement.

One of the biggest things for me was constantly being taught to give God the glory in everything you do. It was encouraging to be inspired to do whatever you are trying to achieve in excellence but not to take credit yourself but always giving Him the praise for your talent. Plus there were many insights throughout the week that were helpful not only in the class but in life as well.


-Makayla Cheek

I'm not sure words can describe it....with Lamplighter experiences comes a chance to spend a week intimately with God. Something really exciting happened for me during guild as God brought a test to me and I was able to have the victory through Christ.

Patrick Powell was once again used by God in a mighty way. Confidence in Christ in me was mainly what I learned. And about stepping back to let others shine. I loved doing the monologues simultaneously in class (you'll understand what I mean if you were in our class), it helped to take the pressure off of each individual, and helped build an encouraging/team based atmosphere. Thank you Patrick!!

-Abigail Simiele

I went from knowing that God was real only in my mind to believing in my heart.


-Micah West

I was, again, and more clearly than ever, reminded of God's presence with us and His hand in every part of my life.  Not everything went "right" during the Guild.  I was sick part of the time, I had a throbbing ear ache the night we had to do auditions, some things didn't go as planned, and I struggled with other things throughout the week, as well. But through it all God was stronger, God brought me through the hard parts and, don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the week. "For the Lord God is a sun and a shield; the Lord gives grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. (Psalm 84:11) I was amazed by the beauty of our God. His beautiful, powerful, gentle, strength. He is so amazing! Praise the Lord!

My favorite plenary session was on Thursday evening when after Mr. Hamby's encouraging and thought-provoking message, we were all worshiping together and praying with and for one another.  Clearly, the Spirit of God was there. I was blessed by everyone being open and loving and understanding of one another. That was a very precious time of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.  It was not something that we can recreate of our own accord. I think it has to be instigated by God. He is so good to bless us in that way!

I was blessed that the entire week and every activity was covered in prayer.  I enjoyed meeting so many brothers and sisters at one time and the fellowship there.  I enjoyed meals with different people every time. I enjoyed the extreme schedules, up at 5:30-6:00 and working and learning until late at night. It was exhausting, but it added to the experience. My very favorite part was seeing God's hand in every part of the week! He is beautiful!  Praise the Lord!

-Heidi Kennedy

Being so totally immersed in God's word and in His love over the week, really helped me realize just how the world is in dire need of Christ. It helped me be more discerning when it comes to listening to what anyone says and searching the scriptures for the truth. God is an incredible God, who deserves more praise and glory than anyone can give Him and through the Guild I was able to begin to realize how magnificent God is.

I really learned to open up and learned new ways to express things, which helped my confidence. Learning not to be embarrassed, because if I'm embarrassed about acting, how can I possibly spread God's word? I love that it was God centered and focused on praising Him, which really sets an entirely new view on acting for me.


-Hayley Carstensen

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