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Mount Morris, NY


The Lamplighter Players are excited to announce the upcoming stage production of "The Basket of Flowers." This stage adaptation of the classic novel will be premiering August 16th and 17th, at 7:30 PM, at the Lamplighter Campus located at 25 State Street, Mount Morris, NY, 14510. 

Auditions are now open for this production, with audition dates set for July 8 and 9, 6:30-8:00 PM. Auditions will take place at the Lamplighter Campus at 25 State Street, Mount Morris, NY, 14510. All ages are welcome to audition, and all roles are volunteer. People will most likely be double cast, so please feel free to audition for more than one part. Please register below for a time to audition.

Rehearsals will be held five days per week, beginning July 11th and continuing through August 15th. Rehearsals will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 6:30-9:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM-3:30 PM. Principal cast members must be able to commit to attending every rehearsal. Supporting and ensemble cast members should still plan to attend at least three rehearsals per week, and must be able to commit to attending every rehearsal within two weeks of the production.

Please click the links below to download the Character Breakdown, Character Sides, and Volunteer Crew Member descriptions. If you have any questions regarding this production, please call the Lamplighter office at 570-585-1314, or send an email to alina@lamplighter.net.

Principal Characters:

·    Mary (18): Gentle and upright in character, Mary has a love for God’s creation and an eye for its beauty. She is the only child of her Father James and very dear to his heart. In every way she seeks to please him. She is kind, soft spoken, and a little shy.


·    James (late 50’s): The Father of Mary, and friend of many. He is well known in the community as a hardworking and honest gardener. James teaches his daughter truths from God’s word through nature, and loves her dearly. However, he also loves her enough to let her do what’s right even if it’s dangerous.


·    Amelia (17): The daughter of a countess, Amelia is a bit spoilt. However, she does have a natural friendly disposition and likes the idea of taking Mary under her wing. Amelia is a generous young girl, determined to be good friends with Mary despite their economic class divide.


·    Countess (late 40’s): A dignified upper-class woman that all respect and listen to. She also has a kindly disposition.


Supporting Cast:


·    Juliette (17): The maidservant of Amelia, Juliette is a prideful and envious young girl. She thinks of herself as far above Mary and in competition with Mary for Amelia’s friendship.

·    Farmer (60’s): A kindly old man who saves James’ life

·    Farmer’s Wife (60’s): A good and warmhearted grandmotherly woman.


·    Daughter-in-law (25): A sour and controlling woman who makes the lives of everyone around her as miserable as possible.



·    Son (27): A pushover husband who obediently does whatever his wife says and expresses no opinion.


·    Creepy Man: Fellow jail mate with Mary. A bitter and hard-hearted man.



·    Guard #1

·    Guard #2

·    Judge

·    Court members (Jury and crowd)

·    Child (7-12 years old)

·    Servant #1

·    Servant #2

·    James' friend