The Lamplighter Players are excited to announce the upcoming stage production of "The Basket of Flowers." This stage adaptation of the classic novel will be premiering August 16th and 17th, at 7:30 PM (doors opening at 7:00), at the Lamplighter Campus located at 25 State Street, Mount Morris, NY, 14510. 

Tickets to attend this production are free, but seating is limited so please reserve your tickets using the form below. 

"The Basket of Flowers" performance nights of August 16-17 have both reached capacity.

Mary was just the daughter of a simple gardener before she was falsely accused of stealing a precious ring from royalty. Now she is faced with the challenge to either lie and confess to the theft or face the severe consequences of telling the truth. In her time of doubt, Mary clings to what her father has told her: “It is better to die for the truth than to live for a lie.” Choosing the right path is certainly not easy. After Mary refuses to lie, she and her father are banished from their homeland and forced to rely on the mercy of God through the hand of strangers. Will they ever be vindicated?

Alina-Grace Whitmore

Mary, Director

Alina-Grace is excited to be directing and performing in The Basket of Flowers this summer. Alina is going into her second year at Regent University, where she is studying for her BFA in acting. She has played ensemble roles in Romeo and Juliette, and Aunt Martha in an excerpt of Arsenic and Old Lace at her school. She has also played Hannah in Lamplighter’s audio The Haunted Room, and many roles in high school plays. She is also a ballet dancer and teacher as well as an avid outdoor adventurer. Alina-Grace would like to thank Mark Hamby, Lamplighter’s president, for giving her the opportunity to take on this play. She would also like to thank her family for their support through the process.

Alina plays Mary, a young woman who has a love for God’s creation and an eye for its beauty. She is the only child of her father James and very dear to his heart. In every way she seeks to please him. She is kind, soft spoken, and a little shy.

Mark Hamby

Executive Producer

Mark is the founder of Lamplighter Ministries, comprised of Lamplighter Publishing, Lamplighter Theatre, Lamplighter Guild, Lamplighter Moments radio broadcast, and Fastened Like Nails podcast. Each platform carries out the mission of making ready a people prepared for the LORD. Mark engages the imagination of his audience by exposing Folly’s false promises of prosperity, promotion, protection, power, and addictive pleasure and revealing Wisdom’s eternal promises of freedom, joy, entrepreneurial success, and regret-free pleasure. Built on the foundation of The Art of Storytelling: Developing Discernment in an Age of Distraction, Mark is presently working on the development of the Lamplighter Academy of the Arts, Business, and Biblical Theology.

Cindy Buckley

Sarah, Costumes Manager

Cindy is excited to be a part of Lamplighter's first stage production!  Coming from Dansville, this is the closest to home she has performed in several years. Theatre has been her passion since she began in 1983.  Since then, she has worked with multiple community theatre groups, in surrounding counties, on stage & off, in a variety of ways.  Her favorite tasks include performing, costuming & directing.  Being an audience member is another favorite of hers although she can't claim it as a task. Some favorite roles include Portia (ugly stepsister) in "Cinderella", Gertie Cummings & Ado Annie in "OKLAHOMA!" (not at the same time-LOL!), Susan in "The Murder Room", herself in "Christmas in a Small Town",  Zinnia in "No Sooner Won Than Wed", Boylan sister in "ANNIE" with her daughter (who is playing the Countess tonight), The Wicked Witch in the "Wizard of Oz" (twice), Bonnie in "Anything Goes" & Miss Hannigan in "ANNIE".  She has performed in countless variety shows, rotary shows & cantatas.  Last year she had the privilege of sharing the stage with her daughter & granddaughter & gets to repeat that privilege with Naomi & Neveline on our Lamplighter stage!


Cindy says she can't tell a joke to save her life because she always forgets the punch line, but if you give her a script & put her on stage, she is told she's funny.  That apparently is partially due to her comedic timing, something you won't really be witnessing during this particular production.  

Cindy would like to thank Alina & Lamplighter Theatre for this opportunity & wishes her fellow cast members a memorable experience.  She dedicates her performance to the memories of her mother & father & Mom & Dad Buckley, and to her sister, Cheryl, who just went to her heavenly home. She thanks God for allowing her to pursue her passion & for the ability to share it with so many others.  May you be blessed by & enjoy tonight's show!

Nathan Baxter

Judge, Cornelius, Father, Guard #1

Nathan Baxter is excited to perform on stage for the first time in the Lamplighter dramatization of The Basket of Flowers. Nathan has past training in acting but never acted in large performances and gives all credit for his talent to his creator and family who pushed him to pursue the arts. He originated in southern Wisconsin and has moved to western New York to pursue the book crafts and different arts. He also has interests in health and fitness and enjoys finding antique books that display skilled workmanship. Nathan would like to thank all those that have supported him and gives a special thanks to Lamplighter Ministries for the unique opportunity to be a part of this production.

Peter Fecteau


Peter works for Lamplighter Ministries and lives in Mount Morris. He spent three years as part of the Breath of Life Drama team as a teenager. This drama team travelled the northeast and Canada ministering at youth groups, coffee shops, and open air events. Peter has always loved sharing the truth of God's Word and is honored to be a part of Lamplighter Ministries first on-stage production of The Basket of Flowers.

Peter plays James, the father of Mary, and friend of many. He is well known in the community as a hardworking and honest gardener. James teaches his daughter truths from God’s word through nature, and loves her dearly. However, he also loves her enough to let her do what’s right even if it’s dangerous.

Judah Fecteau

Anthony, Child #1

Judah is thirteen years old and has loved drama since he was a little boy. Judah has worked on his own audio dramas from the time he was six and has had the privilege of voice acting in five Lamplighter Theatre audio dramas. He enjoys hiking, bike riding and photography. 

Keaira Zangerle


Keaira Zangerle has performed in a few Lamplighter plays such as Teddy's Button, The Giant Killer and The Basket of Flowers. She played the role of Teddy's mother in Teddy's Button, the sassy little sister, Bertha, in The Giant Killer, and the maid, Juliette, in The Basket of Flowers. 

In addition to acting, Keaira is very passionate about drawing and any type of art, along with writing. 

Keaira is grateful to have her loving parents, who have been by her side since the first little skit she performed in 1st grade; along with her supportive best friend, Sarah, who has always been with her through thick and thin. Lastly, Keaira wishes to thank her school director, Samantha Campbell, and Andrew "Andy" Kruetter, who has been her co-actor the past four years, for walking this wonderful journey with her and giving her great memories in the past productions. 

Keaira Zangerle resides in Leicester, NY with her parents and younger brother. She is going into 8th grade and is looking forward to seeing what God has in store for pursuing her dream of being in more plays in the future.

Keaira plays Juliette, who is Amelia's maidservant. Juliette is a prideful and envious young girl. She thinks of herself as far above Mary and in competition with Mary for Amelia’s friendship.

Naomi Garwood


Naomi Garwood's role as Countess in 'Basket of Flowers' brings her back on the stage in a big way! As a career mom for the past 12 years, Naomi has tended to all that goes with being a busy mom. Now that her daughter is older, they are taking part in 'Basket of Flowers' together! Growing up in Perry, New York, Naomi was active in drama club and local theatres. A favorite role was the annoying Ursula Merkle in 'Bye Bye Birdie.' At age 14, through Wyoming County Arts Council, Naomi was selected to play Mary Jemison in 'The Life of Mary Jemison.' In 11th grade, after moving to Wayland, New York, she dived onto stage as 'Ms.' Fagin, a leader of thieves, in 'Oliver.' After High School, Naomi attended Houghton College, where she minored in theatre under the late Dr. Bruce Brenneman. Favorite roles at Houghton were Charity Haze in 'The Butler Did it,' Miranda in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest,' and serving as student director for 'The Chalk Garden.' Naomi's love of theatre is probably genetic... Sarah, the farmer's wife, happens to be her mother. Favorite hobbies include gardening, singing and yard sales. Naomi credits her husband, Steven, for encouraging her to pursue her love of theatre, despite life's busy demands. 

Neveline Garwood

Amelia, Costume Assistant

Neveline Garwood ('Nevey') may only be 12, but she has been on stage since the young age of 4, when she performed in a Christmas play at Lighthouse Wesleyan Church in Wayland. Nevey remains active in church productions at Faith Fellowship Church in Lakeville and was recently 'Mary' in 'A Walk through Bethlehem.' In 5th grade, she captivated audiences as 'Imogene Herdman' in Livonia Community Players' production of 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.' She made the audience laugh and then cry as Imogene transformed from a 'bad' kid to a young girl who realized the true meaning of Christmas. In 6th grade, she played a singing and dancing Chef in the Middle School production of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.'  Nevey enjoys being part of 'Odyssey of the Mind', where creative problem solving is demonstrated through competitive performances amongst schools. This year, the Livonia Odyssey team made it to state competitions! Neve is excited to take part in 'Basket of Flowers' as ‘Amelia’ and as Costume Assistant. Other hobbies include singing, playing guitar, drawing and spending time with family, friends and her cats.

Neveline plays Amelia. The daughter of a countess, Amelia is a bit spoilt. However, she does have a natural friendly disposition and likes the idea of taking Mary under her wing. Amelia is a generous young girl, determined to be good friends with Mary despite their economic class divide.

Hannah Worthington

Helen, Stage Manager

Hannah Worthington is from Mt Morris, but grew up near Leroy. She was homeschooled the vast majority of her school years and graduated in 2011. In 2016 she came to work at the Lamplighter bindery and continues to love handcrafting books. While she has not been in a play since she was young, she is excited for this opportunity to learn something new! 

Andrew Kreutter

Woodman, Carriage Driver

Andrew Kreutter is enjoying his summer away from school and the rigors of the Gilead stage where he performed as Aleck in The Giant Killer, a Lamplighter Theater production adapted for stage by Samantha Campbell.  In the year previous, he played the lead role of Teddy in Teddy’s Button, performed at the Gilead School of Discipleship and also adapted and directed by Samantha Campbell. Andrew has no formal study of acting, although he has performed some great drama with his brother and sister at home, where he has directed and produced short films.  He enjoys flying drones, baseball, working with his uncles on their farm, assisting his parents in their business, hanging out with his grandparents, hunting and fishing when he gets the chance. He plans to finish his schooling and of course continue with the drama club at his school. Andrew would like to especially thank his mentor Samantha Campbell for all of her encouragement and support.

Alex Kreutter

Amos, Guard #2

Alex Kreutter is fairly new to the stage.  His debut performance as Experience in the Gilead School of Discipleship production of The Giant Killer, a Lamplighter Theater production adapted for stage by Samantha Campbell, was well received.  He has no formal training in acting, although he has performed in short films directed by his brother Andrew. Alex has an amazing talent for building one of a kind creations out of Legos, along with other materials.  He is currently enjoying the summer working with his parents in their business, working on his uncles’ farm and hanging out with his grandparents. Alex plans to finish his studies at Gilead School of Discipleship and join in the drama club again.  Alex would like to thank his family for encouraging him to pursue the drama club at Gilead and especially thank Samantha Campbell for her belief that he could do his part, and for the encouragement and support.

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