As you prepare for the Guild, you don't want to forget anything! This is a suggested packing list based off past Guild experiences:




- Resort casual clothing (slacks, jeans, T-shirts or button-ups, dresses, skirts, modest shorts, etc). Please note that some classroom and guest house spaces in Mount Morris may not have air conditioning. Be prepared to dress light but modest.

- Sweater/Jacket in case of cooler weather.


- NON-SLIP tennis shoes for walking between classes, hiking, rock climbing, and leadership activities


- Shampoo, conditioner, tooth-brush, tooth paste, and other toiletries

- Backpack or bag for carrying your class materials and personal items.


- Bible, notebook, and pens: please be sure to bring a hard copy of the Bible...we ask that you do not use smartphone or digital Bibles during the Guild. We also ask that students limit cell phone usage as much as possible during the course of the week, and that all cell phones remain on silent during class periods.

- Discipline specific requirements (see your course page for details)


- Signed copy of the Guild Waiver & Release Form. Please mail a copy of the form to the Guild office before you arrive, and bring a second copy to the Guild to keep with you during the week.





- Camera 


- Sunglasses and organic sunscreen for outdoor activities 


- Organic bug spray

- Personal water bottle to stay hydrated (water stations will also be available on campus)


- Portfolios of creative work that you may wish to share with the masters or fellow students (paintings, sketches, photography, writing)


- Umbrella/Rain jacket (you will be doing a lot of walking between housing, classes, and meals throughout the day; please be prepared in case of rain)


- If prone to motion sickness, you may want to bring peppermints, gum, motion drops, essential oils, ginger candy etc. for the flight and the drive from the airport.


- Extra cash to purchase Lamplighter books and audios at a discount, if desired


- Business cards to share with fellow artists




Dramatic Arts supply list 

Filmmaking supply list 

- Photography supply list 

- Visual Arts supply list 

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