Welcome to Creative Conversations, hosted by the Lamplighter Guild! We are producing a series of live webinar chats with the masters who will be teaching this year. Watch for email announcements or stay tuned here to view upcoming and past broadcasts.

 Creative Conversations with John Fornof 

Join Mark Hamby for a live interview with John Fornof, producer of Lamplighter Theatre and long-standing master of the Lamplighter Guild! Gain valuable insight on storytelling, excellent writing, and the vision driving the Lamplighter Guild.

Watch full webinar with Mark Hamby and John Fornof

Creative Conversations with Jurgen Beck

Producer John Fornof interviews composer Jurgen Beck on the keys to solving musical puzzles and creating winning compositions that connect the listeners to their own life stories.

Watch this informative webinar with Jurgen Beck, hosted by John Fornof


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