Guild Scholarship Team

The scholarship team provides an opportunity for students to learn entrepreneurial skills while building credit towards their Guild tuition. Students who have registered for the Guild and have paid the $495 registration fee may choose to participate in this program. We are making available three Lamplighter product packages for Guild students to purchase and sell to friends and family. Each package will sell for $99. When placing your order, please leave your name in the customer comment field. Once you have selected and ordered the package of your choice, $50 will automatically be credited towards the remainder of your Guild tuition. This means you are essentially purchasing the package for half price, and you will then be able to sell the product to recoup your purchasing cost. You may purchase as many packages as you can sell. The $50 credit can only be applied towards Guild tuition. You must be registered and have paid the $495 registration fee to be eligible to purchase these packages. See package details and purchase links below. By clicking on the links, you can go directly to check-out and order your product. These scholarship packages will only be available for a limited time. The deadline for full tuition payment is March 31. If you wish to purchase any of these packages, you must do so before that date. If you have further questions about the scholarship team, email or call 570.585.1314.



Family Reading Package

The family reading package contains five titles and is suitable for young children. Titles are: The Captain's Sword, The Little Preacher, A 'Strordinary Little Maid, Teddy's Button, and Winter's Folly. If you would like a description of each title, you can find them in the Lamplighter store at

To purchase this package, click here.  Price: $99

Adult Reading Package

The adult reading package contains four titles and is best for ages fifteen to adult. Titles are: The Alabaster Box, Escape from the Eagle's Nest, The Lamplighter, and The Locked Cupboard. Visit the store at for a description of each title.

To purchase this package, click here.  Price: $99

Theatre Package

The theatre package contains four of the Lamplighter Theatre dramatic audio productions. These will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages! Titles: Charlie's Choice, Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince, The Unexpected Return, and The White Gypsy. Visit the store at for a description of each audio drama.

To purchase this package, click here.  Price: $99

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