This course is focused on making mouth-watering foods through which the glory of God is revealed. You will receive an overview of foundational skills such as knife usage, the making of sauce, soup, appetizers, breads, or desserts, and cooking methods for a variety of proteins, vegetables, and starches. You will take these foundational principles and create meals that you would only expect to taste in fine dining restaurants made by master chefs. This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of food and cooking, regardless of skill level.

Christina Patton- Culinary Arts Instructor 

Blessing others with the gift of hospitality is something Christina has been doing for over 20 years. Her passion for beautifully hand crafted meals is inspiring. Building upon many years of preparing and elegantly presenting food for small and large gatherings, Christina began teaching culinary arts at a classical academy for secondary education in northern California a few years ago. Her enthusiasm to spur students of all ages to express their creativeness through culinary design is contagious. Christina is the wife of one amazingly handsome man and mother of three teenage sons. She lives on a small property speckled with free-range hens, which produce amazing eggs – incredible for baking and fresh omelets, adorable bunnies, and a yellow lab that is just as energetic as when she was a puppy. Her garden provides fresh delectable ingredients for her cooking pleasure!

Culinary Art: Gourmet Cooking Blended with Hospitality


Preparing delicious foods to tantalize the taste buds is a practical ministry that every believer can incorporate into their daily life. This course will infuse gourmet cooking skills presented through the application of hospitality. Whether your goal is to provide exquisite meals for your immediate family or prepare large extravagant banquets for wedding guests, this course will equip you for both.

Throughout the Guild, students will dive into culinary expression through exploring a variety of cooking methods and food preparation skills. The course will also address presentation of culinary cuisine, after all, if something looks amazing our mind automatically believes it will taste amazing! Creating a welcoming and pleasing culinary atmosphere regardless of where you may be serving and breaking bread with others is key to fruitful hospitality. Discussion of biblical hospitality will be thread throughout the course. The class is being blessed with the privilege to serve fellow guild attendees by providing some of the creations made in class throughout the week as part of the daily meals being served. This special week set apart to utilize the hands the Lord has blessed you with to create beautiful culinary enjoyment will be rich and rewarding.

Required Materials:


Each culinary arts student should bring the following items. Pack these items in a large kitchen caddy or basket. Label the caddy/basket as well as each individual item to help keep everything organized.


If you will be flying to the Guild or do not have any of the items listed below, please let us know, and we will make arrangements for you.


There will be a small fee for the purchase of a special chef hat and coat.


If you have any questions about this list, please let Christina know by emailing her at


  • Electric mixer (KitchenAid mixer or hand mixer will work)

  • If you have paddle, whisk, and dough hook for kitchen aid, please bring all three.

  • Medium to large sauce pan (pot will suffice also)

  • Medium to Large skillet

  • Large mixing bowl - metal, glass, or plastic is fine

  • Small Mixing Bowl - metal, glass, or plastic is fine

  • Baking sheet (1/2 sheet pan)

  • Wire baking cooling rack

  • Paring knife

  • Serrated knife (5”)

  • Chef knife

  • 11x15 cutting board (12x18 is fine also)

  • Tongs

  • Whisk

  • Rolling pin

  • Pastry blender

  • Pastry brush

  • Baking rubber spatula

  • Zester

  • Wooden spoon

  • Measuring spoon set

  • 2 c. liquid measuring cup

  • ¼, 1/3, ½, 1 cup dry measuring cups

  • 1 dozen 8 oz (half pint) jelly jars

  • 1”cookie scoop (optional)

  • Handheld Citrus press (optional)

  • Kitchen shears (optional)

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