Do you dream about becoming a

writer or an actor, a music composer or a sound engineer?


This summer, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside the writers, producers, and composers of Lamplighter Theatre and Adventures in Odyssey to create your very own audio drama project!


You and your fellow students will be mentored by the masters through writing, producing, directing, acting, sound design, and music.  

Experience a beautiful synergy with your fellow students in filmmaking, photography, and visual arts, as each class crafts a portrayal of the same story in their own special medium. Imagine yourself on the set of a live recording session with Lamplighter Theatre! As you work together with the masters to dramatize a short story for radio, film students will be creating a behind-the-scenes production short, photography students will capture the action in compelling stills, and visual arts students will draft artwork for an illustrated book version of the same story. This is an incredible opportunity to play a part in communicating God's redemptive hope through the power of story— just like Jesus did.  His stories are still making an impact on the world.  With Him inside you, what can your stories do?


This is not just teaching.  It’s doing.  Mornings are set aside for learning your craft from the masters.  In the afternoons and evenings, mentors will work side by side with you and your fellow students to develop your project.  


While you’re learning your craft, you’ll also be learning principles of leadership, submitting one to another, and how to serve each other on your team. 


This is a rare platform where Christian audio drama masters gather in one place to teach students for a dynamic week of training, strategy, and vision.


This is the team that will take you from start to finish; you’ll pray and brainstorm ideas together, write your script, act out character roles, create sound effects, compose music, and put the final touches on a production we pray will change hearts as they listen.  

Many projects and partnerships began here at the Lamplighter Guild. Where will God take you next? 

Required Dramatic Arts Materials:

Please have these materials with you during Dramatic Arts classes.  

  • Notebook 

  • Pencils/Pens  

  • Eraser

  • Students planning to participate in stage and voice acting should bring a prepared 3-5 minute monologue for an audition piece.

Be sure to check your course page above for a list of required materials specific to your class. 


Suggested Materials:

These materials will be beneficial to have during Dramatic Arts Course, but are not required. 

  • Audio production experience and/or have ProTools on a laptop will be beneficial for the Audio Production classes 

  • Any written or recorded music you would like to share with John Campbell. 


(Last updated 08.05.2019) 

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