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In pursuing the full potential of this medium for the glory of God,  we should strive for excellence in everything we do. You have to work incredibly hard to become a master…the difference between a professional and an amateur is many, many hours of study and practice. Christians should be the best artists and filmmakers out there. Because filmmaking is such a powerful medium, we as Christians need to be incredibly careful and thoughtful with what we include in our films. We need to seek God's favor over man's in all that we do. 


Below are some of the areas of focus:


1) Cinematography: How to tell a story visually using camera angles, composition, camera motion, lenses, shot sizes, etc. 


2) Short films: How to make a quality short. Learn how to use this medium to hone your craft and build an audience while doing it. 


3) Editing Techniques: How to edit together a short film.  How to color grade and enhance your film in post.  How to organize your files.


4) Hands-on Learning: Participate in making a short film from start to finish. 


* The only materials needed for this class are note taking items. However, students who own a video camera or other equipment are welcome to bring it if they are able. 

Ben Maciejack is the Director of Photography for Venture Films, a film production company in association with The Academy of Arts Ministries. He is also the Department Head for The Academy of Arts Christian Conservatory Film and Media division. Originally from Indianapolis, IN, he moved to Greenville, SC to work with The Academy of Arts Ministries. In 2011, he began working in media at The Academy of Arts and has experience in narrative, promotional, corporate, and documentary fields as a DP, G&E, Key Grip, AC and PA. His desire is to glorify Jesus Christ in the world of film by telling stories that are always professional and God-honoring.

Filmmaking, Sound Design

Ben MacieJack

 Please pray about coming this year. Don’t let a lack of finances stop you. If God wants you to come, He’ll show you the way. And who knows what He’ll do with you and through you as a result of the Guild!  


We’re here because we want to serve you and the call God has on your life. We’ll be looking for you!"

Touching the Divine
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Student Video: It Matters


See the Beauty

"My favorite part of the week was being able to learn from such knowledgeable masters and gain from their insight. Also, being able to see how the entire collaborative process of making a film is played out. I was challenged this week to look for the emotional story arc and the desires of characters, in order to tell the story better visually. Despite his years of experience working in and on film, Mr. Garner allowed us to shape the project ourselves, and only came in if he saw that we needed more guidance. Accordingly, I personally felt that he showed us servant leadership while also enabling us to shine and put forth our own creative spin on the project."

- Film Course Student, 2016 Guild




It's the eye through which your story is told.


Each shot you take should be placing the


eyes of the audience where it best fits to help


communicate your story in that moment.


Everything should be driven by emotion.


You need to visualize the emotion.