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Are you excited about the mission of the Lamplighter Guild? Get involved in a collaborative community of excellence and inspiration! The Lamplighter Guild offers students of all ages an opportunity to learn alongside master teachers who specialize in Dramatic or Visual Arts, however, many of these students have needs which keep them from receiving this training. You can stand with us and help new students and teachers attend this life-transforming week.

What You Can Do:

Want to be a part in transforming in students' lives?  Here’s what you can do:



Scholarships and support have made it possible for many students to attend who would have otherwise not been able. Because of faithful servants of Christ, these students encountered God in a life-altering way. Student testimonies affirm this; "I will never be the same," "I gave Him everything!," "I touched the Divine the week of the Guild and I am not the same person who I was when I came," and "I now know what it means that nothing is impossible with God and for the first time possess the skills and courage to reach people for Christ, creatively!” Please consider making a contribution (tax deductible) to the Lamplighter Guild Scholarship Fund, which awards assistance to those with financial needs who demonstrate a steadfast and earnest desire to develop their skills for the furtherance of the gospel and the kingdom of God. Your generosity will have eternal benefits. 




Share the Lamplighter Guild promo video on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites and spread the news about the chance to learn from master teachers, renowned speakers, and meet with God.

Distribute brochures to friends, family, churches and schools and homeschool groups. Request brochures at:



Ask the Lord to direct those who are looking to pursue the creative arts to the Lamplighter Guild and that He will reveal Himself to them in a whole new way.  Pray that students will leave refreshed, with purpose, and inspiration as they impact the world for Christ.  

Student Testimonies

Dear Fellow Lamplighter Supporter,


May I tell you our story of attending the Mohonk 2011 Lamplighter Guild?


After you get over the amazement of this beautiful nature setting, you begin to notice dozens of people arriving throughout the United States and Canada. 


Many of them are high school and college age, yet there is strong representation from every decade of life, including the 60’s.


The common theme is that they have all been gifted by God artistically. And they are desperate (I mean desperate) to use their gifts for the Kingdom. How desperate? Well as the week goes on, many complain that there is too much free time. They have started at 6:15 AM and finish at 10 PM. They get four hours off in the afternoon to spend in this gorgeous setting with more choices to pursue such as videography, photography, culinary art, horticulture and rock climbing. Yet many want more time with their mentors. They have caught the message of pursuing excellence. Most have never been in a place like the Lamplighter Guild where true excellence is being taught and caught.


That brings me to the instructors. I am not an artist. But I could not wait to attend the seminars to hear about the potential of voice acting, music composition, audio production, photography, plein air painting, and much more. This is a rare gathering of veteran, Christian professional artists with a desire to pass their knowledge to the next generation. If you are not artistically gifted you will leave the Lamplighter Guild with a new appreciation for the world of the artist.


The finale of the Guild is the creation and production of a real radio drama. All 100 people at the Guild participated in some way. The end result was a radio drama that drew a standing ovation. It was an ovation to God, thanking Him for the joy of participating in His creative gifts. It was an ovation of belief that each person had something remarkable to offer the world as an ambassador of God.


The best part of the week is watching the changes that happen in individual lives. People discover talents they had never recognized before. Others find that the Guild is the first place they could be what God had meant them to be.


I strongly recommend that you experience for yourself what a Lamplighter Guild is like. It is like nothing you have ever seen. There is no vacation you can plan that will be more enjoyable and more uplifting than this special week.


Larry & Esther Wiens


President of Barnabas, East Bay S.F.

Danville, CA

To the donor,


I thank God so much for you and your gift that enabled me to attend the Lamplighter Guild! I'm praying that God would bless you above and beyond the measure with which He used your gift to bless me. Thank you so much for your generosity!


These past few years, God has been opening up doors for me to share the Gospel in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences--groups from ten to over a thousand. When I heard of the Guild, I realized two things: My need for professional training and equipping, and also my inability to cover the cost. The purpose of the Guild lined up directly with how God has been calling me--to declare the glory of God with creative excellence. However, as a college student, funds are quite limited--even with working two jobs. The scholarship helped to cut the cost and enabled me to attend a week I will never forget.


I believe that the wisdom and insights gained will be used by God in so many new ways to declare his name to his people. Currently, my church is just beginning an after school program for kids around the area. My hope and prayer is that God would provide an opportunity to begin a theater class which performs skits and plays which proclaim our amazing God to all who watch and listen. A class that would learn as they perform. So that both the actors and the audience would be blessed by the drama being presented.


The after school program is the current opportunity at hand, but already God has begun to point out several other potential opportunities to creatively proclaim His name to His people. And so I want to thank you once again, and praise God for the week at the Guild. It was an investment into eternity. Thank you.


A Grateful Guild Student

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