Guild Alumni

Nato Jacobson

Writer, Director, Actor, Business Consultant

Nato Jacobson attended the 2013 & 2015 Lamplighter Guilds. He has worked on over 50 film projects, and has performed a myriad of voiceover roles. He is dedicated to team-building and learning, and is the student of numerous highly accomplished mentors.

Meeka Harding 2.jpg

Meeka Harding

Visual Artist, Graphic Designer

Meeka Harding is a visual artist who attended the Guild in 2017. Since then Meeka has worked for Lamplighter as a graphic designer, creating the covers for books like The Jewel and Breaking Through.

Aynsley Weiss

Visual Artist

Aynsley loves being an artist because it allows her to appreciate the amazing creative genius of God in a unique way. She is motivated to pursue and share her art because her creative desires were given by the ultimate Artist with a purpose and plan in mind for their use.

Beecher & Ezra Proch

Pop-folk Band "Willow City"

Beecher and Ezra are determined to create music that cuts through the negativity and dystopia present in our world today. They are based in Texas, but tour the United States and have performed with artists such as Hollyn, Ellie Holcomb, and Josh Wilson.

Maxwell Bailey

Actor, Writer, Producer, Speaker

As an interning ambassador for the ICC, Maxwell has helped facilitate live events where he acted in skits, led activities, fostered a safe community, and facilitated workshops training young people to be confident and character-driven communicators for Christ.

Mallory Beckett

Visual Artist, Ceramicist, Teacher

A visual artist and ceramicist, Mallory Beckett is currently working as a teacher at a Christian school in Mexico. She loves combining her creative gifts with her passion for missions as she uses the power of the arts to spread the gospel. 

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