Lamplighter Ministries Advanced Internship

Advanced Internship

Lamplighter is launching the 2020 Advanced Summer internship! This internship opportunity is an intensive experience that will give students an opportunity to study biblical theology with Dr. Hamby as well as offer practical experience in sales, book binding, donor relations, shipping, logistics, business leadership, script writing, voiceover editing, landscaping, gardening, and much more.


Dates: May 25, 2020-August 15, 2020


Tuition, Room, and Board: No Cost


Qualifications: Must have a GED or high school diploma. There will also be an interview process.


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Goal: That students would gain an intimate knowledge of God and the Bible, and learn “how” the Bible means through biblical theological instruction, and “how” supernatural change occurs only when the word is mixed with faith (Joshua 1:8,9; Psalm 1; Hebrew 4:2).


What to Expect from the Lamplighter Staff: Studies will include Biblical Theology, Historical/Geographical/Geological Context and Literary Meaning of the Scriptures, Executive Business Leadership Principles, dramatic arts, and the cultivation of a mentoring relationship.


Practical experience with an application of Wisdom may include the following:


  • Publishing - editing, writing, proofing, researching new books, formatting

  • Bindery - case making, stamping, cutting, sewing, perfect binding, hand binding 

  • Administration - computer/office work

  • Communication - donor development, customer service

  • Shipping - logistics, packing, inventory recording keeping, research

  • Book Clubs - marketing, customer communication

  • Marketing - creating campaigns, emails, social media

  • Graphics - graphic design for marketing

  • Illustrating - creating children’s illustrated books

  • Horticulture - gardening, lawn care, landscaping

  • Conference - representatives, logistics, planning, managing


What is Expected of the Student:


  • To experience a real, living relationship with God through talking with God, serving others, forgiving, taking steps in faith, agreeing quickly with your adversary, keeping short sin accounts, embracing correction, and engaging with the powerful, life-changing Word of God (Deuteronomy 4-11).

  • Face and conquer fear by wrestling with past and current shame, guilt, blame, and control (I John 1-2).

  • Gain confidence and skill in areas of strength and weakness (Proverbs 22). (orderliness/communication/vulnerability/entrusting yourself with God and others)

  • Experience wonder (Psalm 84).

  • Gain a love to be a life-long learner (Proverbs 2).

  • Join the company of the committed (2 Tim 2).

  • Acquire Wisdom (Proverbs 4; 23:23).

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