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Mount Morris, NY


Meeka Harding

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist

I was so encouraged at the 2017 Guild on so many levels. I was spun and pointed towards God's immense love for me over and over again. I witnessed the collaboration and team spirit that results when we decide to honor God in our endeavors. This led to such sweet fellowship among all of us even with long nights of hard work and fast approaching deadlines before us. The atmosphere we all worked and learned in was "let's create excellence for the honor of a God who loves us." It's an atmosphere that I've been inspired and challenged to want to constantly live in.

- Meeka Harding

Meeka Harding is currently working on the completion of her BFA with a concentration in graphic design through Liberty University. As part of her schooling, Meeka spent six months at Lamplighter Publishing as a graphic design intern, creating the book covers for several Lamplighter releases including The Jewel and Breaking Through. Recalling her time there, Meeka says that "Creating book covers, web banners, and magazine ads for them was beyond an amazing experience. But even more amazing was being a part of such a wonderful team of people who were devoted to Christ and one another."

To view Meeka's full portfolio and contact information, visit her website at www.meekaharding.com.

Meeka Harding

2017 Alumna

I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying unto you, "Fear not; I will help you."

Isaiah 41:13