Stage Acting

For over 47 years, The Academy of Arts has been blessed “to make the Bible come alive” and the Lord has enabled us to see thousands of lives changed as we properly use these communicative arts to give out the uncompromising truth in a creative and exciting way.

Today, the Logos Theatre functions year-round performing state of the art productions in Upstate South Carolina with a fully-functioning 300 seat auditorium, 20-foot diameter turntable, makeup and costume rooms, trap doors, and fly space, all created and modified in-house! These productions are not done simply to entertain the public, but also incorporate the community as actors, volunteers, technicians and much more. Audiences can attend the Logos Theatre with confidence that they will see a professional production with an uplifting message.

Come to the Acting Session at this year's Guild to get immersive, hands-on training in how to be a better actor and director. Noah and Nicole Stratton, the Directors of The Academy of Arts and The Logos Theatre, are excited to work with you and grow your abilities through acting scenes and individual monologues. Join us to develop your communication skills, have your thinking challenged, and broaden abilities you didn't know you had!

Noah Stratton

From an early age, Noah’s parents challenged him to get involved in as many different experiences as possible ranging from singing and acting to sports, camp work and much more. In elementary, he was able to win several speech and music awards which prompted a desire to continue in music and drama. He was able to go on to win multiple state and national awards in high school and then continued his involvement in drama and music in college as well. He graduated with a BA degree in Education, and in 2009, he was appointed as the Executive Director of The Academy of Arts and The Logos Theatre where he currently serves. He is married to Nicole Chavers Stratton, the Artistic Director of The Academy of Arts and The Logos Theatre, and he loves to inspire and educate young people so they can be dynamic and effective communicators for the cause of Christ. 

Nicole Stratton

Mrs. Nicole Chavers Stratton has been directing plays, concerts, and productions for over 15 years. Growing up, she traveled nationally with her family giving concerts in churches, schools, and conference centers. In high school, she won numerous state awards for speech and singing and has won nationally seven times. She and her sisters were auditioned and offered roles with Disney in Orlando, Florida, but Nicole turned this opportunity down to pour her talents into young people. She has acted in over 450 productions and has directed over 560 productions with casts ranging in size from 20 to 130 members. Nicole’s students have won multiple national awards and were also nominated to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for an international festival in August 2016. Nicole currently serves as the Artistic Director at The Academy of Arts Logos Theatre where she has served for 11 years.

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