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I've been silent here at home ever since I got back from the Guild. Speechless, overcome with awe. I learned to really see and appreciate Gods beauty. I gained a burning desire to know God more. I was blessed beyond words and left astounded at how beautifully and perfectly he touched the lives of those around me. He perfectly tailored the whole guild to touch and captivate the hearts of all of us. I'm filled with passion to become a master of the gifts God has given me and I know those with me at the Guild feel the exact same. The Guild was more than learning more about a craft... It was so much more. God was there.



After I came home from the Guild, I was visibly changed; it caused a sort of climactic experience in my life with my gifts, my relationships, and in my heart with my relationship with Jesus.  I'll never be the same; wouldn't trade it for the world.



Joel Jost, Kathy Buchannan, John Fornof, and Mr Hamby really influenced me. Joel, Kathy, and John all really showed me how I was making dumb decisions with my life like video games. They inspired me to put time into things that matter! Mr Hamby allowed God to penetrate my heart. You all influenced me so much and now I'm walking the right path!


At the Guild God broke my hard heart. I was walking the walk as a Christian but I had never given Christ control of my life. I wanted to run my show. That last night of the guild I surrendered all of me to him! With him running my life, and the influence and testimony of the masters, I'm now able to throw out my video games and put time into what matters. You guys set my priorities straight! Its now God, work, then entertainment instead of the other way around! Thank you guys soooo much!



Is it even possible to put into words how amazingly wonderful The Lamplighter Guild was? Everything about it was perfect, even the trip to get there. I so enjoyed seeing for myself how God works out all of the details in my life. When it seemed like I wouldn't be able to go, God showed up and worked miracles. Throughout the entire trip I never felt alone, even in the airports I knew He was with me and was taking care of me. And that was my first time to go to New York!


What a blessing it was to get to spend a week with people who do all things with excellence to glorify God. The level of teaching that we got to sit under in The Word and in each class was phenomenal. The memories and friendships that were made are unforgettable. Thank you Lamplighter Ministries for this life-changing experience! I don't know how or when but I will be back.



As I sit here trying to find the words to describe this past week, the quote that Mr. Fornof told us comes to my head! "There are dreamers who never do. That's delusion. There are doers who never dream. That's drudgery. But the one who dreams and does touches the divine." That's what we experienced this week! We all dreamt together, did together, collaborated together, and absolutely touched the divine! It's hard to explain the Lamplighter Guild to people who haven't gone before, but if I had to do it, I would say "Divine, divine, divine!” 




Todd Busteed, his teaching really opened my eyes to the world around me. I'm inspired to pursue my acting dreams with fresh vigor, and a stronger foundation. Most importantly I will know where to come home to. 


One morning Mr. Busteed sat at our table. It was so cold you could see your breath, and I mentioned how funny it was that everyone packed for it to be in the 80's and it turned out to be so cold, no one was prepared. I had even brought an Ice vest, because the heat aggravates my heart condition. I'll never forget this as long as I live. He said, " I guess God gave us this weather, just to take care of you". That just put the topper on the cake for me. I was already slowly falling in love with God, when he changed the weather for me. The Lord knows I need the cold, and I love the rain. I'm afraid I've fallen head over heels for my creator. And now, he's teaching me how to dance.


The food was great! The kitchen staff, was always very considerate and kind to us with gluten allergies. The people I met were amazing! I continue to be blessed everyday by my Guild friends. . . . 


I shed tears that I'd been hiding inside for too long, on that night when Mr. Hamby told us to close our eyes. I have been hurting for so long, just not being understood. This years Guild just picked up where last year's left off. Last year God blasted windows in my walls, and I saw what it was to be loved. I was too afraid then. I have so much that sets me apart, no one really knows whats going on inside. My knees hit the floor and my walls crumbled. God set me apart for a purpose and no matter what he understands me. I'm still crying inside. It's a gentle rain, washing away the hurt. I am his. It's a love story, my heavenly romance. Whatever happens, if by some miracle I can return to the Guild next year, or if God has something greater planned, I'm loved. That's enough.



Last year's Guild was amazing. I went in thinking that I wanted to be a film director or writer. I came out realizing that I didn't have to wait to start honing my craft. I started a YouTube channel within weeks after getting back and I've been working or short films ever since. I also signed up for a creative writing class and began writing almost every day. The 2013 Guild gave me direction in where God wanted me to be. This years Guild did something entirely different. This year, God showed me how small and sinful I was. I came away realizing just how proud and independent I was. I was a Christian, but it was "on my own terms" as Dr. Lawlor would say. I basically told God that I would be His for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening and if I needed him during the day. That's how I wanted my faith to work and I didn't even realize I was doing that until I came to the Guild and heard the teaching. When Mr. Hamby talked about the man who prayed every 5 seconds, I was blown away and I realized that a lot of things had to change. 


In the dramatic arts class, I was the producer of our audio drama. I thought I was running a pretty tight ship. We were running ahead of schedule and I had earned the praise of many of my team mates for my work. I thought I was pretty great. Then all the audio recordings for my group got lost throwing us far behind every other group. This really showed me that I was being prideful in my abilities and not giving glory to God or relying on him. Through God's grace we were able to re-record everything the next day and the audio drama came together in the end. I think that was God's first step in breaking down my pride. 


I also learned that God is sovereign over ALL things. Everything. And He has a plan. I slept terribly the first night, and by Monday evening I was exhausted, but the moment my head hit my pillow, I was wide awake. I kept checking my phone to see what time it was, and the minutes slowly ticked by, past midnight, past 1:00 am, and around 2:00 I finally thought, "God, you have a reason for me being awake." So I got up, took my laptop out and began to write what would later be used for the script for our audio drama. That night I only got 2 hours of sleep. The next day, God's grace was abounding. He gave me energy throughout the entire day, which was truly a miracle (I have NEVER gotten that little sleep before) Later that day, I realized that God caused me to stay awake because otherwise, the script would never have been written on time. There's God's sovereignty at work right there. 


God really showed Himself in ways that I've never seen him before. At dinner one day, I was eating with Cassia, John Fornof, Kathy, and a few other people. Cassia and I had been talking about how she wanted to produce films and I wanted to direct films and how we should work together. She asked me about a movie idea that I had, so I told her one. Then I asked the same of her. She starts telling me a story and as she goes on, my jaw drops. Her story mirrors one that has been on my heart for the past 4 years. I was completely blown away. Here Cassia was telling me a story that she'd been wanting to write for the past several years and it's almost exactly the same as one that I've been thinking about for a long time. Neither of us had actually taken the steps and written it, and here God was giving us a kick: to write the stories He placed on our hearts, and write them together. For the rest of the dinner, I just kept saying "wow". God put those story ideas into our heads years before we even met each other, and to share the moment with two script writers was beyond words.


Through the week, I came to realize that I would see God if I looked for Him. Today in my little side yard, I just lay on my back and stared up at the tree tops and talked to God, praised Him for His handiwork, thanked Him for his blessings, and begged to be shaped by Him. I would never have done that before the Guild. The teaching and the examples that I saw in the teachers showed me that I needed to change, that I needed to pursue my faith. 


I told Mr. Hamby that I was excited to get home and start putting everything to practice, and I've just been filled with joy ever since. I've talked to God like I've never talked to him before and I've felt his presence is a very real way. I've launched projects with Guild alumni that I am so excited about. The enthusiasm of the people I met is truly amazing and I am so grateful that God has put these people in my life to encourage and work with me. Whenever I try to tell my friends back home about the Guild, I end up just shaking my head and smiling in wonder. I have been so blessed by the friendships I have formed. I'm challenged, encouraged, and built-up. I see the hand of God in it all. I can't even express my gratitude for this program. I know saying that it was life changing is cliche, but it's so true. I pray that the fire that God has re-kindled in my soul never dies, and I am comforted that dozens of my Guilders across the nation are praying the same thing. 


So Mr. Hamby and the Lamplighter team, thank you. I've learned what it is to lead humbly through all of you. God Bless



The Lamplighter Guild has been the vehicle God has chosen to completely change my life.  Not just spiritually or artistically but completely.  I currently have made a living as an EMJ and firefighter but while at the Guild I felt God unlock thirty years of stifled creativity.  I have always felt drawn to the world of audio drama but somehow adopted the thinking that it was a world on the other side of the glass that I would only ever admire from afar.  While working on our audio productions at the Guild, God broke the glass and allowed me to step through to the magical unknown.  I have to say that I never felt so stressed, overwhelmed and out of my element and yet at the same time peaceful, overjoyed and at home before. 


So thank you once again for the world changing event known as the Lamplighter Guild 2014. 



To be honest, no words (at least, that I'm aware of) can properly describe the incredible experience I've had at Lamplighter Guild. The opportunity to make amazing new friends, study under some of the greatest Christian artists available, and learn how to better use my talents for God was priceless. Thanks to all of my extremely talented, new friends from the Guild for making my experience so very unforgettable. An even bigger thanks to all of the Lamplighter staff members who made this past week possible. I won't soon forget any of you and I'll definitely look forward to seeing you all next year! Long live the Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines! 



The Guild put my life on a completely different course than I  ever would have found likely, or even possible. Just goes to show how much greater God's plan is for my life, and next to accepting Jesus as my savior, going to The Lamplighters Guild was the best choice I've made in a very long time.




The Lamplighter Guild was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I not only gained a much deeper knowledge in the dramatic arts from the masters, but most importantly I grew tremendously in my knowledge of God.



One cannot describe the Guild in words.



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