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Mount Morris, NY



Visual arts students can look forward to a fun week of intensive painting amidst an enriching atmosphere of encouragement and personal growth. Students will explore fundamental art concepts and painting techniques to help create works of art that are bold, confident, and skillfully handled. We'll cover the importance of composition, value, color, negative space, edges, movement, and many other principles of design that can take your talent to the next level.



I use a professional grade water mixable oil paint for all my oil paintings. With water mixable oils, there is no need for solvents or harsh chemicals. They clean up easily with water and soap.


I use Holbein (Duo) or Grumbacher (Max) paints. However, for a more inexpensive option, I have found the daler rowney Georgian water mixable oils have a decent pigment quality for student work. The Windsor and Newton water mixable oils have the poorest quality pigment and you will end up using more paint in the long run. The colors we will be using are:


Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Red

Yellow Ochre

Alizarin Crimson

Burnt Umber

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue


Michaels has a Georgian set that has all these colors. You can get a 40% off coupon online



  • At least 5 filberts or flats oil painting brushes, long handled, sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. If you want to really treat yourself to some wonderful brushes, try Rosemary Brushes for wonderful hand made brushes from England. (Michael Richardson Plein Air Starter Set)

  • Small round brush

  • A 1 inch wide brush, can be a basic hardware store paint brush or an artist brush



      (Stretched canvas, canvas panels, etc. are all fine.) 

  • Please bring at least 2-3 surfaces for each day. Sizes can range from 6" x 8" to 11"x14 

  • Guerilla Panels (essential oil-ready cardboard) and Arches oil paper are not required but nice to have on hand as well.                                                                                                         



  •  linseed oil and or quick dry mediums

  •  non-breakable container for water



  • Please bring a portable easel that stands on the ground. Common plein air easels include French easels and pochade boxes. If your easel does not accommodate your palette, you may want to bring a small folding table for yor palette. I use a Sienna Plein air box and tri pod.

Notan Supplies:

  • Small sketchbook 

  • Sketching pencils



  • Backpack or bag to help transport supplies between locations. 

  • Wet paint carrier (such as: http://www.dickblick.com/products/guerrilla-painter-handy-porter-boxes/) - the carrier will need to accommodate the size(s) of canvas/panel students wish to bring. Carriers are also available on Amazon.

  • Portable palette

  • Palette knife 

  • Brimmed hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes 

  • Organic sunscreen 

  • Organic insect repellent 

  • Camera a decent phone camera is fine


*IMPORTANT: If flying, please make arrangements with the Guild staff to ship your oil paints and solvents in advance.