Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines

July 12-17, 2020

Facing Fear with Faith

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Esther Behind the Scenes | 2019 Guild Filmmaking Project

2019 Guild Dramatic Audio Productions

Broken into Beauty - 2019 Guild Students
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Questions - 2019 Guild Students
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Mother's Confession - 2019 Guild Students
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The Lamplighter Mural | 2019 Guild Visual Arts Project


A renaissance of creative excellence that inspires one to know God intimately, proclaim Him passionately, and enjoy Him infinitely.

 The Lamplighter Guild consists of six days of life-transforming inspiration and instruction in the arts. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, master teachers from around the world present instruction in story creation, scriptwriting, stage and voice acting, sound design, digital music composition, photography, horticulture, filmmaking, painting, and biblical theology. Mornings open with scripture, prayer, and insights from world-class speakers, followed by intensive sessions in each discipline. Students receive hands-on instruction and discipleship in their chosen field of study throughout the day, along with inspiration from keynote speakers. The Guild is an awakening — a renaissance of creative excellence framed by the Word of God and demonstrated by faith.


"The Lamplighter Guild is a choreographic platform that invites an encounter with God's divine power, fueled by an intimate knowledge of His Word, and galvanized by His promises, whereby students can engage in a partnership with His divine nature."

- Mark Hamby (II Peter 1)

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